How do I “write” a letter?

Look, we are not teachers so don’t feel like we judging your writing style, so how you write a letter is your call. But if you are asking how to get that letter on this site, that’s waaay easier for us to answer. Click into our simple form to compile your letter and send into Internet wonderland.

Is my letter REALLY anonymous?

We hate to burst your bubble but there will be at least ONE person who knows you wrote it. But aside from that person (aka you.. wink…) yes, it’s anonymous. Oh and don’t put your name in the signature line…get creative!

What are those lines covering some words?

Oh, those fuckin’ things? They just cover up the bad words that our strict lawyer Jackasses makes us cover in case some under age folks try and look up naughty words like “ass” and “shit.” …so thank those little fuckers.

Can I save a letter to work on later?

Did carrier pigeons wait for their owners to send them off? Heck no. Well, maybe if the owner wrote the letter, tied it on, and then made that poor pigeon sit there until finally the pigeon begged long enough to let his owner release him to do its job…. but here on our site, sorry you need to post in one sit down moment. We think you can handle it.

Does the site spell check my letter?

What do we look like? Prrofereaders?

Where did my letter go?

Well, did you post it? If yes move forward. Did you go looking for it? If yes move forward. Did it contain something our users viewed as hurtful or not cool and they down voted that puppy into internet annihilation? If probably yes, than there is your answer.



What is Letyr™?

Phew. You asked an easy one. Letyr™ is a website where you can anonymously write a letter on any topic. Feel it, write it, and let it go. Then come back and do it again. Or come back and read others. It’s quite the party around here.

What if I didn’t write the letter that is claimed in my name?

Well, that would not be fun. Unless it was a fun letter, than we’d say call it a win and move on. If you don’t like that idea you can email us at support@letyr.com and we will get angry along side you.

What makes a letter a top ranked letter?

Um, writing a killer letter of course. But not really. The letter can suck or it can make your 7th grade English teacher proud. Either way, we let users decide with the all powerful and mighty “Upvote” button. Go find your letter and test that button out….Don’t worry nobody will know it was you 😉


What if someone or I really need help? Jokes aside, asking or needing help is a serious topic. That is why here at Letyr™ we have partnered with great agencies known for providing help. Just click on the “Get Help” tab on our site or click here and find a range of resources.

How do I contact Letyr™ about questions/concerns?

Well, aside from just writing us a letter on this cool platform for people who, well, want to write letters, we suppose you could email us at support@letyr.com or use our Contact page. At that point your identity would be revealed, which is a call entirely up to you.

How can I get updates and new fresh stuff delivered to my inbox?

We can’t deliver fresh stuff, but we can deliver some typed up and probably a few days old kinda stuff.